Mitsumata Tissue Light

Handmade from 100% mitsumata fiber.  In Japan this paper is used for backing gold leaf! It is strong enough for chine colle, collage or drawing with ink yet thin and translucent enough for layering. Mitsumata is considered to be softer and more pliable than kozo. It takes twice as long as kozo to grow. Fibre is cooked in slaked lime, and dried on wooden boards. Produced as a wider sheet and then cut in half.

Calligraphy; Chine Colle; Collograph; Conservation; Intaglio; Mezzotint; Photgravure; Printmaking; Relief-Print; Repair; Wood Engraving

Size:  549x656mm

Weight: 11gsm

Fibre: 100% Japanese Mitsumata

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