Gampi smooth (Salago) 32g

As the name implies, this paper has a lovely, smooth surface and the characteristic gampi sheen: absorbent yet crisp for printmaking, calligraphy, collage and drawing. It has a natural sizing, restricting the amount of bleed when written or painted on. The surface is smooth, slightly shiny, with a warm tone and sparse dark flecks


Suitable for a multitude of uses including......Brush painting;  Calligraphy; Chine Colle;  Collage;   Collograph;   Engraving;   Etching;  Intaglio; Linocut;  Lithography;  Mezzotint;  Oil based;  Photgravure;  Printmaking; Relief Print;  Stencil;   Water based;   Wood Engraving;  Woodcut 


Size: A4  210x297mm


Weight: 32gsm

Fibre: 100% Filipino Gampi (Salago)

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