Kozuke Ivory

A good quality, versatile and economical sheet perfect for a variety of uses including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Because this paper is sized it is suitable for water-based woodblock printing (mokuhanga) and watercolour. The ivory is coloured with direct dyes (synthetic). 
Weight: 44gsm
Sheet size 635 x 940mm
Roll size  44gsm 59.4m x 1m (the equivalent of nearly100 sheets)
Roll size 65gsm  10.1m x 1m (the equivalent of nearly 17  sheets)


Suitable for: 

Bookbinding ; Brush ; Painting ; Collograph ; Engraving ; Etching ; Intaglio ; Linocut ; Lithography ; Mokuhanga ; Oil ; Based ; Printmaking ; Relief ; Print ; Serigraph ; Silkcreen ; Stencil ; Water ; Based ; Wood ; Engraving ; Woodcut

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