Ebru - flowers on water


Ebru is a traditional Turkish art known in Europe as Marbling Art. But there is one big difference between them. In Ebru you can paint flowers and different elements on water. 

During the lesson we are going from the simplest shape - circle to its advanced transformations. This is the magical way of drawing/painting flowers on water.
Firstly, as a studying process we will produce the traditional turkish pattern "hatip" - special different elements in exact order and one more similar paper using your own fantasy.
In the second stage we will learn special algorithms of creating 2 sorts of flowers (2 separate works) - tulip and cornflower.
Usually in Turkey such pictures are framed and hang on walls.
This class is only for those who have attended the introduction class.

All materials are provided. 

Nataliia Dragunova, is a qualified architect and interior designer from Kyiv, Ukraine.
She was introduced to marbling in 2011 when she saw the works of Turkish Ebru master Fatih Yesil, who later become her teacher.
Up to Feb 2022 she lead regular master classes in Kyiv for Marbling as Art and produced marbled papers for old book restoration.
She also started to use marbled patterns in interiors by transferring them on gyps, wood and fabric.
" I believe, this unique old technique can magically inspire and influence people the same way as it changed and embellished my life."

A range of finished papers produced by Natalia is on sale in Liberties Papers.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very enjoyable class!

This was a wonderful class where we learned about the different methods of creating traditional and contemporary flowers.
Nataliia is such a patient teacher and showed step-by-step how each flower is made. It was amazing to see how three circles could be transformed into a beautiful tulip.

This is the third of Nataliia's marbling classes I have attended, and it has been a delight to learn about the art of Ebru and the many different ways in which it can be used to create beautifully intricate patterns and images.