Liberties Home Stationery Set

Everyone knows how nice it is to receive a  hand-written letter or card in the post.

Now you can spread the love with our Liberties Home Stationery set.

We've combined a selection of some of the finest stationery from Fabriano in Italy, where the history of paper making in Europe began in the 13th century.

Each set contains

  6 Folded Medioevalis Cards 170x230

  4 Single Medioevalis Cards 

10 Medioevalis Envelopes 120x180

  4 Folded Medioevalis Cards 130x170

  4 Medioevalis Envelopes 90x140

12 A4 Sheets Rusticus 95gsm Ivory

12 Rusticus DL Envelopes 140gsm Ivory


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