Conservation Sample Pack A

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This pack contains some of our more popular conservation papers.

There is an actual swatch card plus a wallet that contains roughly A5 size pieces of all of the papers on the card.

1. Mitsumata Heavy Tissue 22gsm

2. Kozo Misu with clay 18gsm

3. Haini Kozo 37.5gsm

4. Tengu Jo 13gsm

5. Tengu Jo 5gsm

6 Tengu Jo Tissue 12gsm

7. Conservation Kozo Roll 6gsm

8. Sekishu Mare Small 25gsm

9. Tosa Usuchi 15gsm

10. Oguni Snowbleached 18gsm

11. Yame Kozo Hadura 16gsm

12. Shika#3 9gsm

13. Kozo Misu with Clay 30gsm