Collall White Glue 50ml

Collall White Glue glue based on a waterborne polyvinyl acetate dispersion, washes out easily.

  • Thick white liquid
  • Dries clear
  • Fast initial adhesive strength
  • Washes out easily

Solvent: water

Can be used to glue paper, card, cork, wood, polystyrene foam, leather and lightweight plastics. Can also be used to create decorations with tissue paper, sulphite paper, textile, etc. The materials to be glued need to be dry. 

Allergens: contains CMIT/MIT. May produce an allergic reaction

Suitable for: children aged 3 and upwards.

Cleaning: tools can be easily cleaned with water while the glue is still wet. A synthetic detergent can be added to the water if required. Traces of the glue that have dried should be soaked in (warm) water and can still be removed easily.