Collall All purpose Glue 50ml


Collall All Purpose Glue is a medium-viscous, solvent based glue.

  • Clear transparent liquid
  • Glues strong
  • Fast-drying
  • Strong smell (acetone)

Solvent: Acetone/ ethanol

Main ingredient: Polyvinylacetaat

Used for gluing paper, cardboard, cork, wood, textile, glass, stone, ceramics, leather, styropor and various plastics. The materials to be glued need to be dry. Put the glue onto one surface and leave to dry for a few moments. Then press the two surfaces together. For stronger adhesion, apply the glue to both surfaces. Fast initial adhesive strength.

Danger! Contains acetone. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with local regulation.

Suitable for: children aged 6 and upwards. under the supervision of an adult

Warning: the glue can damage lacquered materials. Remove stains with acetone.  

Cleaning:  Stains can be removed with a sufficient amount of acetone. While some surfaces are not resistant to acetone be sure to test on an invisible place first. A clothing stain can also be removed with the aid of paper with one rough side. Put the paper with the rough side on the stain and carefully warm it with an iron. The glue melts and draws into the paper. Repeat this treatment if necessary. Be sure not to exceed the maximum washing temperature of the fabric. Hard or very hard to remove with acetone.

Bonding of paper. cardboard. cork. wood. textile. glass. stone. ceramics. leather. styrofoam and various plastics