Chiyogami Big Wave

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Wonderful large scale print of that Japanese wave. This image is an A4 sheet cut out of a large sheet. If you order an A4 sheet it might not look exactly like this, but it will be similar.

Chiyogami papers are silk screen printed by hand in Japan. This silk screen process is borrowed from the centuries old tradition of printing Kimonos. There can be as many as 20 colours on each design, each one printed separately and allowed to dry. It is an intricate skilful process that gives rise to this beautifully rich and vibrant paper.

This image represents an A4 sheet in a certain direction cut from a large sheet, the A4 sheets you receive may be cut at 90 degrees to this.

We stock over 180 Chiyogami papers.

Available in A4 and a full size sheet 610x914mm (2ft x 3ft)

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