Chiyogami Envelope Liners

This is not a product for sale at 1c. This is here to illustrate the service and for us to give you a quote.

We are happy to make Envelope Liners for you from our vast range of Japanese Screen Printed Chiyogami Papers.

We can cut and insert these liners for you or you can purchase the liners and insert them yourself.

These 3/4 length liners are designed to fit our range of envelopes. 3/4 length means they don't reach the bottom of the envelope. They fit in easily. 

Please allow two extra working days for us to cut the liners.

We don't carry a huge quantity of any one of these papers so you will have to email us with your enquiry and we will give you a quote.

Liners are available for all the following sized envelopes

C5, C6, 155x155,116x116, DL and 92x143

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